[Tuesday Topic] Going from Physical to Digital Batch Records

For our Life Science customers in particular, there are some common questions around the mindset shift from going from a physical batch record to digital.

One I wanted to highlight goes something like this “The Record History Widget (RHW) is Tulip’s analog to a physical batch record.” But this isn’t quite the case!

As @giladl says: “The analog in the digital world of a paper batch record is an app that is tailored for the reviewer to do their job, namely review and release the batch. This means that such an app will present a digital batch record to the reviewer stepwise where on each step the data is displayed with any combination of widgets available in the Tulip platform to display data, the RHW being one of them. This type of app will use the RWH on many steps and on each step it will be configured to show a different view. For example to show only signatures, to show only critical parameters, to show which operator worked on a step, etc. The RWH has configuration and dynamic search capabilities that can be used to facilitate this.”

In short the RWH is a widget to be used in apps to show data, it is not a “one and done”, one-to-one replacement of a paper record. This record has a bit more detail as well Data Review for GxP Compliance