Viewing Executed Batch Records

Hi Tulip Team,

I’m looking for the dialog that would provide the view of the executed batch record. I’m looking for things like step start/end times, primary/secondary electronic signatures, and the other standard details of a batch that can be viewed in PDF or printed. Thank you!

Best Regards,


Hi @derrick.solidum!

Are you familiar with / using the Record History Widget? If I understand your question correctly, this widget provides the functionality you are looking for!

I am linking an article in our Knowledge Base that also should help: GxP Data Collection

Let me know if I can provide additional guidance or help here :slight_smile:

Hi Beth!

Thanks for responding. I read through it and it sounds promising, but the widget is not available to me for some reason. Do I need another type of account to gain access to it? I have attached a screenshot to the widgets available to me.

Hi Derrick,

The Record History Widget is behind a feature flag for GxP customers only. I submitted a support ticket on your behalf so they can get that taken care of for you! You should see that in your email.