How to create a PDF report?

Hi Team,
Operators wants to see and download the EBR(electric batch record) after selecting one product order in order list.
currently we have paper batch record as screenshot, and paperless is required to replace the paper.
so my questions:

  1. how to create EBR?
  2. how to download the EBR in PDF?

Hello Jiayu,

Your question is not simple to answer since it really is a broader discussion about how to digitize pharma process in compliance with GMP. In general we should not think of an eBR as a paper or flat document. Also when you digitize the process there is no longer need for paper and therefore also no need to print.

In Tulip you build apps to digitize your process and capture both the required data for compliance but also much more data about the process and operator interaction. When the app is running and used by the operator it capture all the data in a digital form in the Tulip platform. You can read more about GxP App Building Basics and Best Practices for GxP App Building. I would also recommend to take some of the Tulip University courses about Completion Records and Tulip Tables.

Since all the data required for a batch record is in Tulip in digital form (we call it a digital batch record) you can display the data in way that the people who need can use it to make batch release decision and for audit purposes. To do this you simply create an app that displays the batch record in its digital form in a step by step manner using Analytics and Record History Widget..

This Record History Widget also provides a the ability to print out the full batch genealogy and chronology to a PDF for example. In addition you can print out any step of an app using trigger logic.