Using Tables in Triggers that have Place Holders

I am setting a second trigger on a next button so that it saves some timing data. I have a placeholder setup for the table

It is the bottom one Step Takt Time. When I go into the trigger and try to add the table so I can store to it I do not have the option.

It seems to be because I am using an expression which I want to use for the ID but I am not sure why it will not let me do it.

Hi @richardg -

Good question! I think here, since you are creating a record for that Step Takt Time table, you will want to use the following for your trigger:

Once you create that ID record with this trigger, then you could use Data Manipulation → Store to add other fields of data in the subsequent columns.

Does this help / make sense?

That makes sense. I will give it a try. I will need to make a ID that I can figure out it at the time I need to update it

Seems to be working great! Thanks!