Working with SECS/GEM devices

Anyone using Tulip to interact with devices that communicate via SECS/GEM Protocol, either directly or indirectly? These devices are becoming more prevalent in our plants and we lack the systems to integrate them. If anyone has a setup for them similar to how an OPC-UA server would be used to aggregate PLC communications, let me know!

Hey MoPositive,

You should take a look at, a GUI driven software for interfacing with SECS GEM enabled devices. They have a module to make this data available via OPC UA that makes this especially well suited for integration with Tulip.

Thanks Dillon, I’ve looked at it and it is promising. Hoping someone here has experience with implementation of that or something like it. The Tulip side looks easy but talking to the tools it almost sounds like I have to ‘write’ an interface for each one, which doesn’t sound so great.