Add Button Functionality to Return to App Editor From Dev Mode Window

In dev mode, there is currently no way to return to return to the app you were editing directly from the dev mode window.

This is a minor thing, but I often find that I wind up closing the App Editor window, and then having to navigate back to the app the long way. It would be great to be able to just click some kind of button in dev mode and open the app editor to the app I’m currently testing.

Great call. Wrote a ticket for this one, along with exposing all product navigation to dev mode.


Hi John,

I am usually using Edge or Chrome Browser and the Developer Mode opens up in a new Tab:

You can use [ctrl] + [page up] to jump to the App Editor Tab or [ctrl] + [page down] to jump back to Developer Mode.
It is basically just navigating through the Tabs using shortcuts.

Alternatively [ctrl] + [tab] & [ctrl] + [shift] + [tab] does the same