An Action to Send Same Email to Multiple Users

I am currently having to create multiple actions on the same trigger that are exact repeats to send the same email to different people. It would be helpful for a Send Email to Multiple action to be available, so I can just have one action. And from the app point of view, a message pops up “Email Sent” for every email. So I have to have three of the same actions and then the user sees “Email Sent” “Email Sent” “Email Sent”

Hey @nspradley,

Thanks for bringing this up. There are a number of feature requests in the works to address these issues. These include being able to send emails to non-tulip users, disabling the “Email sent” messages, along with additional email formatting options.

These are being looped into a larger project that is underway right now, but you should start seeing parts of that going live in the next couple months.