Brecknell Scale

Hello guys,
Can i use a PS25 Brecknell Scale directly with Tulip without using a Tulip Gateway?
Thank you,

Fahd, Tulip Gateways are the main interface point between the Tulip platform and our supported hardware. You can do some pretty awesome stuff without a gateway, but for the PS25 you will need one!


Thank you for your help. Another thing please, can you list hardware that are supported buy the gateway and can be, at the same time, used without the gateway.
thank you,

Hi Fahd,

Thanks for your question. Most devices require a gateway connection. However, there are a couple that can be used without. Devices that can output as a keyboard will work well simply plugged into your laptop. Nearly all bar code scanners can do this. Currently, other devices will need a gateway connection to be used with triggers. Does this help?