Bug when renaming apps

Hi, this has been a problem for a while but causing extra frustration now so I thought I’d share. When editing the title of an existing app, it will often “auto-cancel” the edits while I’m in the middle of typing. In other words, while I’m trying to edit the title it will behave as if somebody clicked the “Cancel” button to nullify my pending edits, even though the Cancel button was not clicked. This happens routinely at intervals of a few seconds, and makes it very tedious to update app titles, especially when I have to do so for dozens of apps at a time. My workaround is to just type very quickly and save the changes before it “auto-cancels.” This seems almost certainly to be a bug (rather than the intended behavior), so I’m wondering if others are aware of it.

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Hey Dylan,

I just tested this on my end, and it looks like edit mode stays open for about ~20 seconds and if you don’t save within that window, it will revert back to the original name.

Are you seeing this happen in less than ~20 seconds?