Connector - Support AMQP protocol

For system to system integration, we work more and more with assynch integration with messaging. Today, only Machine Data support messaging with MQTT protocol, that it is good and perfect for machine integration.
But for system to system integration, AMQP protocol is prefered as it allow persistant queue. Is there a plan to integrate this protocol? And in connector (not in machine data) that allow up to 3 environment (dev, test, prod)?

Hey @Nicolas -

Great question - A similar question came up here around kafka. We are moving in the direction of supporting more and more event driven architecture, and AMQP is a new ask, but right along the lines of the kinda thing we are looking to support.

We are still in fairly early planning here, so its hard to make any commitments yet on timelines, but there is a lot coming in this area over the next few quarters.