Customizing the signature page

Is there a way to customize the data shown on the signature page (see screenshot below)?

Currently, it by default shows the name of the variables to sign. But the raw names of the variable are less friendly to end users. I would like to show the description of the variables, or similar to “table record” functions to display custom labels.

I also like to add additional image & text as the instructions for the signee on the same page. Wondering if there is a solution?

Hi Tom,

Is this the window that appears when the eSignature widget is pressed? You should be able to customize the page where the eSignature widget is located with the images and text you want - but you cannot customize the pop up page that appears when the eSignature widget is pressed.

In terms of the variable name, we do recommend that variable names are human readable for this reason - I don’t believe the default to show variable name can be changed here.

Does this help at all?


Hello Beth,

Thanks for your response!

I noticed i can customize the displayed label for the interactive table widget (see screenshot), so i’m considering if the customized signature page might be included in future feature request.



We always welcome product suggestions! A good way to see if others have the same suggestion and get your suggestion moved up the priority list is to post your product suggestion to this channel (Product suggestions - Tulip Community) and then other community members can vote on it!