Duplicate / Copy a Step

Hi All!

Wondering if it’s possible to duplicate a step in the app editor, like in Powerpoint / Google Slides? If not, I wonder if others would see a benefit in this functionality?

…While writing this topic, it appears you can get basically what’s described above, just:

  1. Select All widgets (Ctrl+A / Cmd+A for macOS) not locked from master layout.
  2. Copy the widgets (Ctrl+C / Cmd+C).
  3. Create a new step.
  4. Paste the widgets (Ctrl+V / Cmd+V) with identical (I think?) positioning as the copied step.

Works about as well as a Duplicate Step feature!


If I understand what you are asking for correctly, I think what you are trying to accomplish is already available. In the top right of the app editor, you can select “duplicate step” which will essentially do the same as “duplicate slide” in powerpoint; it’ll copy all of your content including triggers, buttons, tables, variables, etc.


You’re totally right Rich, thank you. I’m so used to right-click menus :slight_smile:

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