Intermediary Confirmation Screen with Link-Based Browser Station Setup

Not sure if anyone else is running into this issue but when trying to assist non-IT people in setting up stations remotely I’m having frequent issues where they accidentally “use” the link before they’re ready. I’m sharing the link to do a station set up in browser to run on iPads, and either in their email before hand or just when trying to copy and paste they’ll accidentally click the link and consume it, requiring me to send them another link. This is especially problematic when working with people in a 12 hr different time zone, as we lose a whole day in set up just to a mis-click.

It would be nice if some type of confirmation page popped up before actually consuming the link, e.g.: “Are you sure you would like to use the link to set up a Tulip station on this device This link can only be used once and will be consumed if you select yes

Hey @Ethan -

Another fantastic idea. I threw together a rec for this and ill see if we can’t get this looped into the next sprint of quick wins


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Actually it looks like even just sharing a link over MS Teams somehow consumes it… not sure if Teams is doing some kind of security check or something that is triggering the link, but that was part of the problem in my case

That’s interesting. I set up a few stations this way last week by sharing the link in Teams, which worked fine. Did they click on the link in Teams or copy/paste into browser?

Talked a bit to the engineering team about this on Friday and they were kinda surprised that Teams was eating links. Their suspicion is that some enterprise security software might actually be the bad actor that ate the link.

In any regard, we are currently looking to get this work on the roadmap so there is a confirmations screen at a minimum before links are used.


Sorry to send everyone on a wild goose chase here, I haven’t been able to recreate the issue today. Somehow someone must have been clicking on these links within minutes of me posting them… by accident? I don’t know. Sorry about that. Sometimes things really get lost in translation between different languages and non-technical people

There’s a lot of improvements in the works around managing resources (connectors, tables, widgets, etc) that fixes to one-time-use links might be able to piggyback even if your initial problem can’t be reproduced. Stay tuned.

Just bumping this thread- still absolutely could use the feature proposed in the initial post.