Library Release 5 - October 2020 (Netsuite, Events, Slack/Shippo Connector)

We’re excited to announce the 5th release of the Tulip Library!

The Library is a set of apps that can be added to your account and used out of the box. Each app comes with an installation guide, and a video describing how the app works and what it can be used for.

If there’s an app in this list that you’d like, visit the Tulip Library to add it to your instance.

Release 5


NetSuite Solution (Video): This set of apps is designed to interact with the NetSuite ERP system. With Tulip, you can push and pull information from NetSuite easily and in real-time. With connection, you can manage inventory with barcoding and label printing, monitor machine, and capture process data in NetSuite, and combine work instructions and data collection. This set of apps are a starting point that you can use to build your own apps. We used soap manufacturing as a sample process.

  • Inventory Transfer: Terminal application for transacting material allocations and bin transfers.
  • Blending and Forming: Two processing applications that guide operators through operations, transacting to complete Work Orders or Assembly builds as needed. These apps leverage Machine Monitoring and IoT functionality
  • Packaging: Application for final packing of goods, and printing product labels.

Try the apps here.

Events Solution (Video): This combination of apps is used to record events and manage them as they are processed by your team. These might be quality events (Team MRB), andon events, audit events, or any other element of work that needs to be managed and completed by your team - changing statuses as it moves along. Apps in this solution include:

Try the apps here.

Individual Apps and Connectors:

App Building Starter Pack: Offering templated steps to help get you started quickly. The steps are optimized for a consistent look & feel, that are familiar and intuitive to the end operator. Copy and paste these into any of your applications today!

Slack Connector: Connector and accompanying Unit Test App to send Slack messages via Tulip.

Try the app here.

Shippo Connector (Video): Connector and Unit Test app that can create shipments and transactions within the Shippo platform.

Try the app here.

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