Library Release 9 - January 2021 (Pack & Ship, Events, API Connectors and more)

We’re excited to announce the 9th release of the Tulip Library!

The Library is a set of apps that can be added to your account and used out of the box. Each app comes with an installation guide, and a video describing how the app works and what it can be used for.

If there’s an app in this list that you’d like, reach out to Sarah ( or contact us and we’ll get it added to your account and the documentation sent to you.

Release 9

Pack & Ship

Pack & Ship Workflow (Video): The Pack & Ship Workflow app guides an end-user through the shipment process for a package. Integrate directly with external services for address validation. The app includes an optional connection to the Shippo platform for generating a shipment label and tracking individual packages. Try the app here.

Pack & Ship Dashboard (Video): The Pack & Ship Dashboard app provides a series of views into the data collected by the Pack & Ship app. View the quantities of shipments awaiting processing and currently being processed by station. Create customized views on a per order or per customer basis. Try the app here.

Pack & Ship Module (Video): The Pack & Ship module allows you to take functionality from the Pack & Ship app and copy & paste it for use in other applications. Try the app here.

Hourly Production Scorecard - Terminal (Video): This application is a simple terminal that allows an associate to increment an output quantity against an increasing target. This can be used to track production performance of your work centers and replace manual methods like whiteboards. Try the app here.


Quality Event Form (Video): The Quality Event Form app allows end-users to report quality events so that the team can act upon them. An example of a quality event includes where a defect must first be logged and then processed through subsequent workflows (like dispositioning). Try the app here.

Audit Event Form (Video): The Audit Event Form allows end-users to capture manufacturing audit non-conformance so that the team can act upon them. Try the app here.

Feedback Event Form (Video): The Feedback Event Form allows end-users to capture feedback so that the team can act upon them. Try the app here.

Andon Event Module (Video): The Andon Event Module allows you to copy and paste event-form functionality into other apps. Allow end-users to alert their supervisor of issues so that the team can act upon them. Try the app here.

Unit Tests: API Connectors

Google Sheets Unit Test (Video): The Google Sheets Unit Test allows you to create full spreadsheets, creating rows in spreadsheets, and for receiving data from sheets. The unit test uses the Google Sheets API Connector. Try the app here.

Airtable Unit Test (Video): The Airtable Unit Test allows you to get, update, create, and delete tasks in an Airtable from Tulip. The unit test shows you how to connect to Airtable using the Airtable API Connector. Try the app here.

Production Tracking

Production Tracking Module (Video): The Production Tracking Module allows you to add functionality to your apps that provide greater visibility into work center performance metrics. Add metrics such as OEE, output, yield, and uptime. Rapidly build or add to apps by copying and pasting these functionality into an existing or use the module as a template for an app. Try the app here.

Centralized Time Tracking (Video): The Centralized Time Tracking app allows end-users to record their activity as they work, providing a simple way to collect information for production tracking. See who has worked on what, where, and for how long. Try the app here.

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Some food for though : I found it a bit difficult to find apps linked to API connectors in the library. I believe they all have “Unit Test” in their names so I can search app called “Unit Test” but it would be great to have a dedicated category for example.