Library Release 76 - 77

We’re excited to announce the most recent release of the Tulip Library.

The Library is a set of apps, app suites, connectors and widgets that can be added to your account and used out of the box. Each app comes with an installation guide and a video describing how the app works, and what the app can be used for.

If you’d like to use any of these apps, click on the app’s link below and install it to your account today!

Release 76 and 77:

TLDR: Library Release - r76 and Library Release - r77

Video content:

Microsoft Fabric Integration Example

The Microsoft Fabric Integration Example provides a high-level summary of Microsoft Fabric fetching data from Tulip tables for usage in a variety of analytics such as Spark Notebooks, PowerBI dashboards, and more. This integration enables the ability to contextualize Tulip data with other enterprise data.

Microsoft Fabric Step-by-Step Integration

The Microsoft Fabric Integration Tutorial walks step-by-step how to fetch data from Tulip tables to Microsoft Fabric via a Data Factory pipeline. Data from Tulip tables can then be stored in Microsoft’s Data Warehouse, Lakehouse, and a variety of other locations. Please note, the Tulip Tables API is required to fetch the table data. Generate an API key from the settings page of your instance.

Azure Machine Learning Example

The Azure Machine Learning Example walks through a simple machine learning for predictive quality. Azure Machine Learning enables no-code and low-code options for building models, testing models, and creating inference endpoints. This can be a great way to enable additional value creation on the shop floor.


Quality Event Management

The Quality Event Management app allows you to consistently track and manage quality events, including deviations, anomalies, or other departures from expected process behavior. While the app tracks these events, you can focus on finding the root cause. You can easily view historical and current records to evaluate and manage the effectiveness of your quality event process.

Training Template

The Training Template app transforms operational training by making it customizable and easy to manage. This app enables the creation and execution of personalized training programs, using a variety of resource types to deliver information. Improve your training outcome with our interactive, agile, and user-friendly platform.

Training Manager

The Training Manager app streamlines training management. Its functionalities allow users to view training sessions, delegate trainings to other users, and track completed trainings with relative meta-data. With added analytics about trainings and a skill matrix, users have visibility into overviews of all active and completed trainings.

AI OCR reader

The AI OCR Reader provides a starting point for using Frontline Copilot Extract Triggers with images. Extract triggers pull specific text out of an image to use in an app or store in a table. This can help use artifacts, like a document, label or traveler, to drive actions in your Tulip apps.

Quality Event Dashboard

The Quality Event Dashboard provides a visual overview of your Quality Events, allowing you to view dynamic paretos of defects, trends, and open actions for the purpose of daily management. The app displays all the events recorded by the Quality Event Form across the shop floor. View pending events, defect unit trends, defective Pareto chart, and pending actions.

Apps Suites

Training Management

This comprehensive suite consists of four applications that work cohesively to streamline planning, implementation, and tracking of both theoretical and practical training sessions. The effective collaboration and integration among these applications ensure a seamless learning and management experience.

Quality Event Management App Suite

The Quality Event Management App Suite provides a comprehensive group of apps to manage and assure compliance through quality processes. The apps can document and track quality events. Users can have visibility into their quality to execute corrective and preventative actions.


Zapier Webhook Connector

The Zapier Webhook connector offers a streamlined connection to Zapier in your Tulip apps. Zapier provides integrations for web applications for use in automated workflows. This connector includes an overview of integration capabilities with Tulip, support article details and example reference functions.

Sandalwood: Ignition Connector

Sandalwood designs and executes strategic programs for manufacturers which reduce work-related risks to quality, productivity, and employee health. By providing knowledge, research, technology and resources, Sandalwood supports its clients in a comprehensive manner, delivering the best results. By leveraging this connector, users can directly access Ignition tags and queries within Tulip, maximizing the use of Tulip’s advanced features while harnessing the wealth of data stored in Ignition

M365 Planner Connector

The M365 Planner Connector provides streamlined connectivity between Microsoft Planner and Tulip. Microsoft Planner is an intuitive, collaborative task management tool that enables users to plan, manage, and complete task-based initiatives. Users can assign and manage tasks on a Kanban board using task cards, which they can populate with various important plan information, such as due dates, status, checklists, labels, and file attachments

planeus Connector

planeus is an Intuitive and Reliable Production Planning & Control (PPC) System for Task Scheduling, Shop Floor Management, and Plan Optimization. The planeus Connector streamlines connectivity between planeus and Tulip apps to make bring scheduling and planning to the frontlines. With easier production planning and scheduling, your shop floors will experience optimized production and improved performance.

Trello Connector

With the help of Tulip - Trello connector you can effectively keep track of your Trello projects, tasks and workspaces in a Tulip application. Furthermore, you can modify any relevant task information, or even create new cards from a Tulip app.

Monday Connector

With the help of Tulip - Monday connector you can effectively keep track of your Monday projects, tasks and workspaces in a Tulip application. Furthermore, you can modify any relevant task information, or even create new cards from a Tulip app.

M365 To Do Connector

Microsoft To Do is a simple and intelligent to-do list that helps you manage all your tasks in one place. You can work through your tasks for the day in My Day and create any number of additional lists to organize your work, groceries, travel, shopping, movies to watch - you get the idea!

M365 Project Connector

Microsoft Project is designed to assist a project manager in developing a schedule, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads.

Asana Connector

With the help of Tulip - Asana connector you can effectively keep track of your Asana projects, tasks and workspaces in a Tulip application. Furthermore, you can modify any relevant task information, or even create new cards from a Tulip app.

Google Drive Connector

Explore the capabilities of the Google Drive Connector once set up. We show you how to create, read, and edit Google Drive files within Tulip, showcasing practical applications and use cases. Empower your operations with easy file access and management.


json Table Viewer Widget

The JSON Table Viewer widget allows you to view JSON data in the form of a table. This widget is useful for visualizing connector outputs or data from other integrations that present in a wide variety of data formats. Widget plugins are additional functionality that is not standard in the platform. Widget plugins are accessible in the app editor menu bar.

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