"Media not found." for Tulip U Training Videos

I am getting a “Media not found” error when attempting to watch videos in Tulip U.

This seems to be the case for every video provided by Wistia, inc.

It looks as though the service providing the video is down. Can anyone confirm that this is the case? Or maybe it is just on my end.

Please see this screen shot taken from the “Build a Quality Inspection Application” course as an example.

Thank you.

Hi Kellen!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Sorry for the inconvenience–we recently deprecated our older, out-of-date use case courses including: “Build a Basic Work Instruction App”, “Build an Advanced Work Instruction App”, “Build a Production Visibility App”, “Build a Traceability App”, “Build a Quality Inspection App”, and “Build A Training Skills/Matrix App.”

We plan to replace these courses in the coming months.

Do you still get this error on other courses within University?

Hi Sydney,

I am getting that error on all of those courses you just listed, as those are pretty much all of the courses I have been tasked with taking. So looks like bad timing on my part.

From a quick glance it seems as though the newer courses, for instance the “Get Started” Courses all seem to be working fine.

Hi @kellen.linse, I lead product education at Tulip. We recently deprecated these courses because they reflected outdated features, UI, and techniques. Happy to work with you and who ever’s managing training at your company to find a suitable alternative. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at john.klaess@tulip.co.

Hi John,

I am open to any recommendations you may have regarding alternatives with respect to those courses Sydney listed above or within a similar learning set.

If you’d like I can reach out via email, but if you don’t mind suggesting them on the forum it may help others in my position between now and when your next courses are released.


I would recommend starting with the courses in the Essentials path. This will cover the basics of Tulip and give you a solid foundation. Depending on your needs, from there I’d recommend:

  • HTTP and SQL Connectors
  • Feature Deep Dive: Tulip API
  • Feature Deep Dive: Table Queries and Aggregations
  • Tulip Challenges to practice any features/techniques that you need work on
  • Other courses that suit your particular needs.