Opc connector Error

Hello Guys,
Any one can help me with this Opc connector message :
“Unable to open a session on opc.tcp:// Cannot find ANONYMOUS user token policy in end point description.”
thank you,

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Hello Fahd,

This error is most likely occurring because you are trying to connect to an OPC server anonymously, meaning no username or password, but that OPC server does not allow anonymous access.

You can either allow anonymous access on the server or create a username and password and enter that Tulip.

What OPC server are you using?

Hello Dillon,
I am using Kepware OPC server. Do you have an idea how to modify the kepware configuration so i can allow anonymous access?
thank you,

You configure access control in the server settings menu. Take a look at this guide https://www.kepware.com/getattachment/41452399-bca8-4c4b-9968-a031b12cd28c/security-policies-manual.pdf

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Thank you Dillon for your url. It’s Okay. In fact, i have created an other user like you said before using an other user name and an other password and it worked.
Thank you for your help.

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