Shopfloor design

Is there a way to customize the landing page on the stations landing pages that list all the apps that are deployed to the unit? We are using iPads for our shopfloor stations Right now, it’s a grey page with white buttons and the font could be a little larger. I’d like to add more interesting buttons that include photos to help with finding the correct app.

Hey @tracy.debellevue, thanks for the question and suggestion!

To answer your question, there is currently no way to customize the list of available apps that your device can run.
I’d love to hear more about what ways you’d want to customize this app selection landing page? You mentioned that the font could be larger to make it more readable, and that our buttons could include thumbnails to make sure operators are selecting the right app. Did I get that right or are there other parts of the page you’d want to customize?


I’d love to be able to use our brand colors - maybe a hex code color picker. A place for our logo and, I’d also like to be able to arrange the training in related groups rather than by date added.