Should Date Updated Metadata Reflect Linking/Unlinking Updates?

Observing that in LTS 8.2 unlinking records does not cause the record to update the Date Updated value.

Is this still the case in current release? Should it be this way?

Hey Jim,

We are checking on this, and will let you know what we come up with!


@jmlowden following up on this -

Thanks for pointing this out because this behavior of linking/unliking not updating the “date updated” field is not just LTS 8.2 quirk, but is also happening in our most recent releases as well. We have filed a ticket to address this, as it linking/unliking should indeed be updating the “date updated” field!

Of note, the record history does accurately show this update when linking/unliking, but it is not reflected in the metadata “date updated” field.

Closing this thread as this was resolved in r269! Release 269 - January 2024

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