Streamline Admin UI

Streamline UX/UI for the Admin interface. Some examples:

  • When editing users, ability to select multiple users at once and perform bulk actions: deactivate, change role, etc.
  • If I apply a filter to my users list, then click a user to edit, then go back to the users list (either browser back button or using link in breadcrumb) keep the same filter applied. Even better, remember how far down I scrolled and return to the same position.
  • Streamline editing records. Using User admin page as an example, when editing custom field records, edit in table rather popping up a dialog to change the value (forcing me to click in the text box to be able to type). Have [enter] key save the record, I need to click again to Save the record.
  • Ability to filter by Custom Field values
  • Type to select dropdown value. Example: User role, I need to use my mouse to click to select a role.

Hey Olek, these are great ideas! A lot of them would be helpful on normal Tables as well.

Are there any of these requests that are more painful than the others?

I think being able to edit table records more naturally (click in a cell and type) would be most helpful.

Great. I will review this with our engineering team.