Support for Zebra Network Printer Driver on iOS?

Good morning folks,

My team has several apps that use the Zebra Network Driver to call a few different printers over the WiFi - thus far, all these apps have been run on Windows. Recently, the mfg. team purchased a few iPads to use as Tulip stations, but we quickly discovered that the printing triggers would not work. Looking at the page for the Network Driver, the driver is only available on Windows. Is there any solution to get around this issue or are we out of luck?

Thanks in advance for the help!


Just bumping this along as would be of interest to us too - planning to potentially use some iPads and getting them working with Zebra printers would be a bonus.

Any input from the Tulip team?

@MarkStuttard @BOrmond Let me check with the team and get back to you!

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@MarkStuttard @BOrmond

Okay it seems there may be 2 options here:

  1. You can use an Edge device (Edge MC would suffice) and use the Zebra Printer driver

  2. You can setup one Windows PC running player and leave it running somewhere near the zebra printer. Then the app triggers can be changed to "Run device function Zebra Network Printer at (instead of At this Station)

Do either of these seem feasible for you?


Thanks @Beth - I thought this may be the solution but appreciate you checking up on it.

Having a centralised print player would likely be the best option - obviously takes up a license but likely workable for us right now.

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Hi Beth, that second option sounds like the way we’re going to go since we have some Windows stations already running. Thank you for the response!