Switch EDGE IO/Gateways across instances without a factory reset

Currently each time we want to use a Gateways into another instance, for testing, validations or developing, a factory reset is needed to register the device under the desired instance.
It will be great to have like a switch option to change the instance directly from the device

Hey @emendoza, this is actually already possible on the latest OS version if your devices are up to date!

You should be able to change Tulip account from the device portal:
image (6)

Let us know if you have any problems here.

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Hi Gio,
I see this option enabled for EDGE IO devices only, what about IO Gateways?
Any plan to add this feature?

Hi @emendoza,

Ah! For I/O Gateways (and Edge devices) you can also navigate to (or /setup for the device’s IP address). This should allow you to also re-register the device!