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Hello !

I’m working on a meeting management app. The main features are : manage schedule, prospect, contact infos… One of functionality is the possibility to take notes and write a report. Is it possible to add text editor features (like bold, italic and underline) inside an app to modify a text input ?
Or is there any other way to do it ?

Hey Remy,

Thanks for the feedback! Looking through the backlog of current open feature requests and I don’t see one that includes everything you are talking about but I’m happy to get one added!

Can you give me a little more feedback on the specifics of what kinda formatting freedom you might want on an input? Bold, Italics, Underline all seem super logical, but what about stuff like automatic bulleted lists, automatic numbering, etc.

Maybe a similar set of functions to the community text editor?

Would you want to be able to store these messages, with their formatting to tables, display them formatted within analytics, etc?

Thanks for the fantastic feedback! Community is exactly the right place to get your voice heard.

Hi Pete,

Thank you for your answer and great reactivity !

For my specific needs bold, italic and underline would be enough. But who can do more can do less, so if some other functions from the community text editor could be added, it could be great too !

Yes i would like to be able to store these messages with their formatting in tables.

Do i have to transfer this quote to the “product suggestion” topic ?

Hey Remy,

I just created a feature request for this internally. I will update this thread as that feature gets scoped (and eventually worked on).

No need to copy this guy over to product suggestions.

Thanks again for the feedback - Keep the good ideas coming!


Hi @Pete_Hartnett,

Do you have any news about this topic ? The feature has been scoped or rejected ?

Hey @RemyG,

No major updates on this one yet. Coming in release r223 (behind a feature flag, full release at ~r225) is a new feature that will enable users to build TONS of custom user interface elements.

A little context on why this one is taking a while-
The tricky thing with enabling this sort of functionality is the storage and recall part. Generally rich text editors store their values in HTML, which you can also do in tulip, but then it is way less human readable in analytics, widgets, tables, etc. To natively support this will require work from a ton of different teams.

Hope this helps bring some clarity.

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Hi @Pete_Hartnett, i don’t see the feature we talked about in r225 :cry: . Do you have more visibility regarding its release ?

Hey @RemyG,

Sorry about the delay on this feature. We decided to take a new approach to releasing this feature for a number of different reasons, but that has pushed back its launch a few weeks. This feature is behind a feature flag (it went out to a small test group of customers in 225) but expect to see a lot more information about that feature, and new release program this week.

Thanks for the patience-

Thks for the quick answer ! Feel free to ask if you need more beta tester.

Hey @RemyG -

:tada: Rich text for static text just got released in r234 :tada:

Keep the good ideas coming! This one can be attributed directly to your ask-

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Niiiice !! Thank you Pete :slight_smile: i’ll test it asap !!!

Migrated this to Product suggestions category for visibility on the resolution in r234.

Closing this topic as resolved per the r234 announcement and detailed further here.

Please open a new topic in Product suggestions if there are more text editing features you want added!