[Tip of the Week] Adding Triggers to the Master Layout

there are many use cases in which it’s necessary to repeatedly perform tasks (such as storing data in a Table). while you can add Triggers to Create Table Records and store the information from a Button click on individual Steps, adding Triggers to the Master Layout will save you a lot of time and will simplify changes when they’ll need to be made in the future. here’s a quick guide for how to do this!!

set up your Table to store all the data you’d like to store (procedure data in my example):

set up your Master Layout with a Next Button and a Trigger on Step Exit to perform the Actions that need to be repeatedly performed:

I’d like to point out that I added a Conditional statement to only execute this Trigger if the Step Name contains a number, so it’ll only execute on the actual Procedure steps that have a Number in their Name.

finally, the Variable(s) that need to be stored can be App Variables that are cleared on Step Open:

are you using Triggers on your Master Layout already?? if so, let us know how you’re using them!!