To Machine and Device triggers run without being logged in?

I have a screen shot of an error on the login page. I didn’t think any triggers ran without a user being logged in but wanted to double check.

Hi Richard,

I had to check with the team on this one - it is a little odd, but it is possible for triggers to run on the badge screen because there can still be an app running in the background.

Essentially - Timer, Machine Events, or Custom Widget triggers are expected to continue to fire even when the operator is not logged in. Only device events directly from Windows Player are ignored.

If you use the log out trigger action or if you have the auto-logout timer, you can get to the badge screen and still have the app running in the background (because you logged out but did not cancel the app).

The exception here is in gxp/validation mode, logging out will also cancel the app.

Does this make sense? @Austin feel free to chime in if I missed anything!

Spot on @Beth!

I suggest using the App → Cancel App Then Logout Current User trigger (instead of just ‘Logout User’) if you want to avoid this scenario.

That’s what we do, but that probably doesn’t work if someone closes Tulip Player and they get auto-logged out after 20 minutes, but in this case Tulip Player was still running.

Not sure how they got to the screen in that state…