2023 Tulip Community Year in Review - Thank you for being a part of the Tulip Community!

The Tulip Community would just be an empty online forum without all of you, so we wanted to do something special at the end of the year to celebrate everything we have done together in 2023!

Special shoutout to @thorsten.langner, @sebme, @ChrisF, @jjj, @youri.regnaud, @Richard-SNN, @Rakitha, @Gary, @mellerbeck, and @Levi for being our top returning members and bringing your expertise and ideas to others in the community!

We also have some newcomers who signed up for Community this year who have also contributed right away, and we want to celbrate you too! @jmlowden, @Shrmnatr, @John_L, @danielpomeranz, @MarkStuttard, @OzanB, @akshay, @don.feeney, @Ajay, @thulasi.kumaran - thank you for jumping right in!

We also have new badges for some of our top contributors!

These badges will rotate every year to the user who has the most topics, replies, likes given, likes received, and most time reading!

  • Most topics created (Badge: Top Discussion Driver): @jmlowden

  • Most replies given (Badge: Top Helper): @thorsten.langner

  • Most likes given (Badge: Top Supporter): @don.feeney

  • Most likes received (Badge: Top Influencer) : @Akira

  • Most time reading (Badge: Top Learner): @akshay

Keep reading in the replies below for more 2023 Community Year in Review content!


We spent some meaningful time together this year

Speaking of solving problems, we make a pretty good team!

Below are some top discussion threads from 2023 that embody the teamwork found in the Tulip Community


These discussion threads in particular were most popular in 2023!

You also made some really neat things and shared them with the Tulip Community

These show and tells in particular resonated with the Community:

Thank you for sharing your great ideas with each other!


You also had a lot of great suggestions to make Tulip better - and we listened!

These product suggestion (and others) made it into the product in 2023 :slight_smile: Thank you for helping to make Tulip the best it can be!

But in the spirit of continuous improvement, there is always more we can do


Some top product requests you made in 2023 that we will be working on next year:


Thank you for an amazing 2023 and here’s to all of you for making Tulip Community a special place!


Looking forward to 2024 - What would you like to see more of in the Tulip Community? Fill out this brief survey (it is anonymous) and let us know!


Thank you very much for the award and recognition. Happy New Year to everyone.

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Looking forward this year for our request.

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Thank you for the gift @Beth :slight_smile:

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